VLM & TLM...A Family Tradition

Randy and Beth Baxley pictured with Chris Darway and Dee Lacey as they receive the Western Fairs Association Blue Ribbon Award

 Randy Baxley along with his wife, Beth, and their two daughters truly know what having a family business is all about.  Randy has spent his whole life around the salesyard business and is giving his family the same opportunity to share one of his greatest loves, marketing cattle.  Randy has the experience that is hard to match.  He has been marketing cattle for more than 20 years.  He took over Visalia Livestock in 1994 and Templeton Livestock Market in 2000. You will find him behind the microphone at Visalia Livestock ensuring that your cattle will be protected in the market and if he is not there he is ringside doing the same.  Randy Baxley and his marketing team have the experience you can depend on, loyalty that you will rely on, and integrity you will count on.