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Welcome to the Visalia Livestock and Templeton Livestock Market's website.  Our main objective is to get information that is important to our customers quickly and easily.  We welcome any feedback that you may have to make this website as user friendly as possible.  

Visalia and Templeton Livestock Markets have designed several value added programs to keep our producers up to date with what today's buyers want.  Please click on the value added programs tab and learn more about our programs.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.


¨ Live Auction every Wednesday in Visalia  (frequent calf and feeder specials)
¨ Value Added Programs (Vaccination/Source and Age Verification)
¨ Periodic Special Bred Cow & Pair Sales, Yearly Registered Bull Sales
¨ Receiving Facilities and Transportation ( Buellton /TLM yards)
¨ Video and Internet Marketing
¨ Country Sales
¨ Order Buying
¨ Cattle Processing Facilities
Don't Miss! Visalia Livestock Market's 29th Cattlemen's Select Bull Sale
Sunday, September 17th...please click on the link to see the catalog
150 Hand Selected Front End Bulls
55-Red Angus
Female Offering:
20 Black Close Up Springers bred to 44 Farms bulls
35 Black Close Ups or Pairs, 2nd and 3rd Calvers
15 Red Angus, CharX 2nd Calvers with 350# Red Angus calves
15 Red Angus 4-6 year olds with baby calves or close ups
BQA certification/recertification seminar at 10:00 AM, Lunch at Noon and Sale at 1:00 PM!

Our Mission Statement

We are a service company focused on the changing needs of our customers-not only today, but also tomorrow.
We will succeed because our people, our values, our reputation, our experience and our care for our customers are the best.
We are serious about our business. We respect our competition. We know that without your business we won’t be in business.
We believe in hard work and imagination as the twin paths to success. We are proud of our ability to work smart. We celebrate creativity, innovation and results.
As individuals, we thrive on personal challenge and growth. As a team, we are focused on   customer service and success.
We will not be surpassed in quality, integrity , teamwork, sense of urgency, pride, and commitment to beef industry issues and exceptional marketing.